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FStream Mach-O (UB)
Version 1.4.9 (Actual version)
- Enhance playlist file opening
- Resolve a crash with time-shifting
Version 1.4.8
- Enhance audio stream compatibility
- English correction (thanks to David Rostenne)
Version 1.4.7
- OS X.9 Compatibility
Version 1.4.6
- Korean version by Park, Chang-Beom
- Use Sparkle framework for updates
- New WMA engine
- Resolved skin plug-ins problem
Version 1.4.5
- Update of the Apple Remote management code (use of the iospirit framework)
- FStream is now also compiled in 64 bit
Version 1.4.4
- Resolved audio output problem on PowerPC
Version 1.4.3
- Lost compatibility with Tiger
- Enhanced preset search
- ShoutCast preset deleted because of a license concern
- Use of the AudioToolbox Framework
- Possibility to add its own preset list
- Compatibility with Snow Leopard
Version 1.4.2
- SOCKS protocol implementation enhanced
Version 1.4.1
- Add support of mmsh protocol (MMS over HTTP)
- Memory leaks hunting
Version 1.4.0
- Problem with MMS on PPC corrected
Version 1.3.9
- Problem corrected with actual skin selection in the preferences
- Possibility to exit the full screen mode with Command - F keyboard shortcut
- Favorites list in hierarchical view
- Problem corrected with the skins
- Problem corrected for drag-and-frop of the main windows
- Possibility to automaticaly reload a radio if the connection fail
Version 1.3.8
- Crashs hunting
- Memory leaks hunting
Version 1.3.7
- Preview mode deleted
- Added URL type : "fsradio", for direct radio access
- FStream code signed
- New Inspector window to get additional informations on the played stream
- Possibility to deactivate the exclusive access to the Apple Remote when FStream is not in foreground
- Some memory leaks removed
Version 1.3.6
- Resolution of a problem of recording in Japanese version
- Resolution of a problem of too slow/quick recording
- Resolution of a problem on HTTP authentication
- New elements in status menu
Version 1.3.5
- ASX correction
- MMS correction on PowerPC
- Apple Remote correction

FStream Mach-O (iPhone)
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